Essentrics Full Body Workout Vol. 3 DVD

Available exclusively in English/Disponible seulement en anglais

Total run time: 71min. (1 disc) 
1 workout (60min) + 3 Bonus Mini Workshops (11min.) 
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White 
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Pace: Slow
Language: English

Rebalance your 360 joints and increase your energy! Unlock your body with this 1-hour deep stretching and strengthening workout. Recommended for all fitness levels—this complete workout is designed to lengthen deep tissue, restore fascia and rebalance your muscles & joints for a healthy and flexible body.  
Enjoy 3 Bonus Workshops: Feet, Barre and Floor

Release date: 2017 
Filmed at: Round Hill Hotel & Resort (Montego Bay, Jamaica)