Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Box Set

Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

Total run time: 180min. (2 discs) 
6 workouts (30min. each) 
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Level: Advanced
Pace: Medium to Fast
Language: English 

Enjoy two full-body workout DVDs for one Special Price! 
(Note: These two DVDs are packaged together. You will be charged shipping and handling for one item. When calculating shipping and handling fees for multiple items, please keep in mind that the box set only counts as a single DVD.)

This DVD Box Set includes:

  • Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Vol.2 DVD 
  • Essentrics Body Sculpting Series DVD 

Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Vol.2 
with Master Trainers - Meg Feeney, Gail Garceau, and Amanda Cyr

What is the key to achieving a strong, toned body? The perfect balance of strength, mobility, and flexibility. Each workout in this series will tone, stretch and work your full range of motion. Look longer, leaner, and more toned in just 30 minutes a day!

Calorie Burning & Lower Body Sculpting (30min.) 
with Master Trainer, Gail Garceau 
This advanced, full-body toning workout is designed to target the glutes and thighs from every angle. It combines standing and floor toning exercises that aim to boost your heart rate and leave your legs feeling long, lean and firm.

Full Body Strengthening (30min.) 
with Master Trainer, Amanda Cyr
True strength should always involve the entire body. This short, yet effective strengthening workout is designed to test your stability, mobility and muscle power through a series of intelligently-designed, full-body exercises. Feel stronger and re-energized after only one session.

Total Core, Leg & Butt (30min.)  
Master Trainer, Meg Feeney
This fun, yet challenging, standing and floor workout will leave you visibly more toned in no time. After only 30 minutes—you will thin your waist, flatten your stomach and sculpt your legs and butt.

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Essentrics Body Sculpting Series 
with Sahra Esmonde-white

The Essentrics Body Sculpting Series will shape and lengthen your muscles giving you beautiful definition and strength.
Ultimate Leg Sculptor (30 min.)
Ab Flattening & Waist Shaping (30 min.)
Arm Blast & Posture Boost (30 min.)

The three full-body workouts featured on the DVD are the ultimate body shapers—working fast and efficiently to get you beach-body ready in no time! Essentrics will quickly transform the body through a dynamic and fluid combination of strengthening and stretching. Based on the science of eccentric movement, the muscles are challenged in the lengthened position, resulting in a long, lean and toned shape. 

The waist becomes thinner, the stomach flatter, the legs leaner and the butt toned. Free of weights, equipment, and complicated choreography, Essentrics enables the body to move fluidly and effortlessly in all daily activities, delivering a fundamental level of true fitness.

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