Classical Stretch Vintage Collection DVD Box Set

Total run time: 315min. (4 discs) 
8 workouts (5 x 30min., 2 x 60 min., 1 x 45 min.) 
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White 
Level: Advanced
Pace: Fast
Language: English
*Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

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(Note: These two DVDs are packaged together. You will be charged shipping and handling for one item. When calculating shipping and handling fees for multiple items, please keep in mind that the box set only counts as a single DVD.) 

A blast from the past—experience the first workouts created by Miranda Esmonde-White back in 2001 & 2005. Stretch, shape and strengthen your entire body with this exclusive collection of our bestselling vintage Essentrics/Classical Stretch workouts—filmed at beautiful and exotic locations in Jamaica and Mexico. Unchanged from their original standard definition (SD) format, we’ve packaged 8 full body workouts into a special limited-edition box set. 

This DVD Bundle includes the following: 

DVD 1: Vintage Collection Volume 1 (2 discs - 2001)

Full Body Workout Vol.1 (60min.)  
This full body workout will help you gain flexibility and improve the look of your entire body: thinner legs, flatter stomach and relief of overall pain. Athletes

Intense Stretch Workout (45min.)  
This stretch workout is suitable for intermediate and advanced followers of Classical Stretch—the perfect mix of stretch and strength to keep you toned and flexible. 

Arms & Abs Workout (30min.)  
This abs & arms routine works the upper body using Esmonde-White's scientifically developed series of exercises. The dynamic combination of resistance and flexibility creates lean, arms and flattens your stomach. 

Legs & Butt Workout (30min.)  
This advanced workout will strengthen and tone your butt and thighs with a unique combination of flexibility and strengthening exercises.  

Preview Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Volume 1

DVD 2: Vintage Collection Volume 2 (2 discs - 2005) 

Full Body Workout Vol.2 (60min.)  
The upper body portion of this workout will improve your posture, slenderize your waist and torso, increase flexibility and relieve back pain.  The lower body floor work focuses on deep stretches for your hamstrings, hips, groin and glutes, while slimming your stomach. 

Express Oceanside Workout (30min.)  
This all-standing workout focuses on toning your upper body and arms while improving your posture. 

Express Hallways Workout (30min.)  
This workout consists of standing and barre work exercises. The focus is on upper body toning combined with deep hamstring and hip stretches.  

Express Poolside Garden Workout (30min.)  
This workout consists of standing and floor work exercises. The focus is on upper body toning plus abdominal and hip strengthening.

Preview Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Volume 2

Release date: 2001 & 2005 
Filmed in: Jamaica & Mexico