Classical Stretch Back Pain Relief & Prevention DVD

$ 8.99 CAD

Total run time: 60min. (1 disc) 
3 workouts (1 x 30min., 2 x 14 min.) + Bonus “Introduction” (12min.) 
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Level: Beginner
Pace: Slow
Language: English
*Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

80% of all people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. 95% of those people can be treated successfully by following a daily fitness program that consists of gentle, stretch and strengthening exercises that will reach deeply into the entire back and adjoining muscle groups and release the pain caused by muscle imbalance and weakness. In this Classical Stretch workout, Miranda reviews some of her basic trademark exercises and offers tricks to prevent future spasms and back pain attacks. 

This DVD includes the following: 

Workout for Upper Back Pain Relief (14min.)  
This workout relieves stress and pain in the shoulders and upper back. This is not a conditioning program, but a therapeutic one that can be done as often as you wish.

Workout for Lower Back Pain Relief (14min.)  
This workout gently loosens up contracted muscles to help increase the blood flow into the lower back and hips. The program should relax and soothe the lower back region.

Workout to Relieve Minor Back Pain and Prevent Attacks (30min.)  
This is a conditioning workout that should be done after the spasm or full-blown attack has finished; you may still be experiencing some minor back pain and your muscles will be feeling fragile and weak so go easy. The purpose of these workouts is to rebalance your muscles by equally stretching and strengthening them.  

Release date: 2010 
Filmed at: Iberostar (Jamaica)