Essentrics Aging Backwards® 30-Day Program Kit

$ 56.99 CAD

Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

Total run time: 
219 min. (3 discs)  
9 workouts (1 x 14min), (5 x 23min.), (3 x 30min.)  
Components: Standing, Barre/Chair & Floor 
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White 
Level: Beginner to Intermediate 
Pace:  Slow to Medium 
Language: English 
*Please note that this product does not include closed captioning

As seen on QVC, this new and exclusive DVD + Streaming Combo Kit is the perfect start for anyone new to Essentrics, looking to introduce movement into their daily routine. 

Guided by Miranda Esmonde-White, this custom 30-day workout plan features 9 key workouts, repeated 2-3 times in the program, allowing your body to naturally adjust to the stretches, and enable your connective tissue, muscles and joints to gently move into a greater range of motion. 

With repetition, you will feel the positive changes occurring in the strength and flexibility of your body, throughout the 30 days.  


Miranda’s bestselling book Aging Backwards®: Fast Track (Hardcover - US version) 
Grow Younger Now with Miranda’s powerful Fast Track Plan—an easy-to-follow formula made up of six clearly-defined steps that make age reversal faster, smarter and more effective!  

DVD Tri-fold Set with 9 Workouts
 (3 discs: 14-30min.) 
1. Rebalance your Connective Tissue Workout (Connective Tissue Wkts) All-Standing | 30min.  
2. Release and Rebuild your Fascia Workout (Connective Tissue Wkts) Standing & Barre/Chair | 30min.  
3. Full Body Workout (Vol. 3 - Full Body Toning & Deep Stretch) All-Standing | 30min.  
4. Posture Workout (Season 11, ep.16) All-Standing | 23min.  
5. Hands & Feet Workout (Season 12, ep.27) All-Standing | 23min.  
6. Feet & Calf Workout (Pain-Relief Workouts) Standing & Barre/Chair | 14min.   
7. Hip and Glute Stretch Workout (Season 12, ep.22) Standing & Floor | 23min. 
8. Full Body Toning & Energy Workout (Season 12, ep.17) All-Standing | 23min. 
9. Leg Toning Workout (Season 12, ep.28) Standing & Floor | 23min. 

Note: Includes 30-day Workout Plan on DVD back cover

4 Bonus Clips with Miranda 
Miranda explains the steps to unlocking the body with new findings on the power of movement to reverse and prevent the signs of aging.  
Week 1: Connective Tissue 
Week 2: Posture & Alignment  
Week 3: Strengthening your Muscles  
Week 4: Toning & Body Shaping 

Beginner’s Guide Pamphlet
8-page pamphlet on How To Get Started, including a 30-Day Workout Plan centerfold (may be removed) 

30-Day Free Streaming Access  
Enjoy 30 days of free streaming on Essentrics TV. * 
Follow along to this program and discover our live classes, workshops, health challenges and more! 

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