Miranda's Fan Favorites

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Total run time: 297min. (2 discs)
12 workouts
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Pace: Slow
Language: English
*Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

We’ve put together a selection of 10 of our fan’s favourite workouts featuring Miranda Esmonde-White! No matter your age, experience, or fitness level, this 2-disc compilation is for you. With 2 never-before-seen bonus episodes of Classical Stretch®, this collection ranges in pace from slow to intermediate and is perfect for beginners and long-time fans alike.

*BONUS POSTURE WORKOUT: This brand new episode of Classical Stretch® will loosen and lubricate your muscles and connective tissue so that you can walk taller, ease aches and pains, and reverse the signs of aging.

*BONUS CORE STRENGTHENING WORKOUT: This brand new episode of Classical Stretch® utilizes gentle but effective movements to strengthen your core & full body. This intelligent combination of strengthening, stretching, and rebalancing will relieve and prevent back pain.

1. Aging Backwards®: Rebalance Your Connective Tissue (AS) - 30 min.
2. Age Reversing Workouts: Mobility (SF) - 29 min.
3. Season 11 Ep.23: Shoulder Pain (AS) - 24 min.
4. Season 12 Ep.02: Hip Pain Relief & Stretch (SB) - 24 min.
5. Season 10 Ep.30: Stress Release (AS) - 23 min.

1. Season 11 Ep.01: Full Body Workout (AS) - 24 min.
2. Season 12 Ep.17: Full Body Toning (AS) - 23 min.
3. Season 9 Ep.13: Strengthen Spine & Improve Posture (SF) - 23 min.
4. Full Body Workout Vol. 3 Standing Portion (AS) - 30 min.
5. Season 13 Ep.05: Energy Boosting (SF) - 25 min.
Bonus Episode: Posture Workout (AS)* - 23 min.
Bonus Episode: Core Strengthening (SB)* - 23 min.

Release date: 2020

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