Posture Formula Starter Kit

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Posture Formula Starter Kit
Improve Your Posture with the Miracle of Flexibility

This exclusive Posture Formula Starter Kit is perfect for anyone new to Essentrics® and looking to introduce movement into their daily routine. 
*if you have limited mobility we would recommend starting with Classical Stretch Season 11 or Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners

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Begin your journey by reading Miranda's book "The Movement Miracle" to gain a deeper understanding of your body and its needs in terms of movement, followed by an intuitive 30-day workout plan featuring workouts from the latest season of Classical Stretch—designed specifically to loosen tight fascia and connective tissue, develop spine flexibility, and increase mobility in your back, knees, hips, glutes, legs, arms—a complete rebalancing of your entire body!

The Starter Kit Includes:  

The Movement Miracle: The Essentrics Stretch Program to Increase Strength, Improve Mobility and Become Pain Free  (Hardcover book – Canada version)  
by Miranda Esmonde-White

Get the blueprint for using Essentrics®—a revolutionary range-of-motion-strengthening technique in your own home. Plus get pointers and workouts that build strength, increase range of motion, and assist in recovering from chronic pain and injuries. This pioneering book was designed for everyone who wants to move, and features over 60 routines carefully curated for everyday life, the workplace, conditioning, chronic pain, posture, brain health, stress release, sports and healing. The perfect reference book for anyone who wants to improve their health span!

Classical Stretch Season 14: Posture Boost & Back Health DVD
with Miranda Esmonde-White

Each of Miranda’s 23-minute workouts will help to safely strengthen the hundreds of muscles required to hold the spine upright – opening space for all your organs to function comfortably in the space intended for them. Good posture not only provides an appearance of confidence and youth, but it also encourages healthy organ function – cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, and skeletal. 

Total run time: 414 min. (3 discs)
Episodes: 18 (23 min. each)
Components: All Standing, All Standing + Barre for Balance, Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor
Level: All levels
Pace: Slow – medium
Language: English

The Posture Formula: 30-Day Workout Plan:

Guided by Essentrics® creator Miranda Esmonde-White, this custom 30-day workout plan features beginner workouts to help you unlock stiff connective tissue, regain joint mobility, and improve posture. Each week offers specific focuses to help you progressively feel great in your body:

Week 1: Feet & Full Body Alignment
Week 2: Fascia & Connective Tissue
Week 3: Range of Motion & Flexibility
Week 4: Posture Reinforcement

To help your body adjust naturally, these workouts are repeated 2-3 times in the program. The repetitions will enable your connective tissue, muscles and joints to gently move into a greater range of motion. As you progress you will feel the positive changes occurring in the strength and flexibility of your body, throughout the 30 days.

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