Pre-Choreographed Workout 12: Building Strength, Endurance & Mobility

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Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) are the workouts Certified Essentrics Instructors teach while completing the 4-level certification program. PCWs consist of pre-defined exercise sequences set to an eclectic music playlist based on a one-hour class structure. Each PCW has a specific theme while offering a full-body rebalancing workout. All PCWs include a video (streaming online) demonstrating how to teach the workout. The accompanying written content (online) covers detailed exercise breakdowns, teaching tips, target anatomy and more.

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A stable internet connection is required to access this online-only product. We recommend viewing the PCW on a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience.

If you are not a Certified Essentrics Instructor, you do not have access to this product.

You must be a Certified Level 1 Essentrics Instructor (or higher) in the Comprehensive certification track or a Certified Level 3 Essentrics Instructor (or higher) in the Aging Backwards® certification track in order to purchase this product. If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be granted access to this product. We will reimburse your purchase minus any associated fees.


Instructors in the Comprehensive track:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 1 Instructors and higher.
  • We recommend that you wait to teach the Barre/Chair component until you are a Certified Level 2 Instructor working on your Level 3.

Instructors in the Aging Backwards® track:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 3 Instructors and higher.


With Master Trainer Sasha Alcoloumbre

This full-body toning and energizing workout articulates the spine and liberates the hips, resulting in improved mobility, strength, posture and greater energy. This PCW works muscular endurance, agility, and power, making it suitable for all levels and great for athletes.


  • Articulate the spine
  • Liberate the hips
  • Improve overall strength, endurance, agility and mobility

Demographic: All fitness levels. Suitable for athletes.
Pace: Moderate
Music: Downloadable playlist included. Also available on iTunes and Spotify.
Released: 2019

Workout Variations

  • 60 min Standing & Floor
  • 60 min Standing & Barre/Chair
  • 60 min Standing, Barre & Floor
  • 60 min Standing, Floor & Barre/Chair
  • 45 min Standing & Barre
  • 45 min Standing & Floor
  • 30 min Standing



  • Trademark #1 & #2: Shoulder release and full-body mobility
  • Pliés: Waist and core-focused sequence including ankle and feet strengthening
  • Arms: Isolated arm toning followed by Bow & Arrow and Side-to-Side Lunges
  • Calf Sequence: Includes the psoas, quad and hamstring for full lower-body flexibility
  • Trademark #3: Windmill variation with a focus on waist and core strengthening


  • Floor Work: Glutes, abs and hip toning exercises, along with a spinal sequence to strengthen the core and flatten the stomach
  • Floor Stretch: Lower back and hip release along with a Row the Boat variation


  • Barre/Chair Work: Glute toning
  • Barre/Chair Stretch: Big 4 stretch and release


Sasha Alcoloumbre
Essentrics Master Trainer
Essentrics TV workout host

Sasha Alcoloumbre began his journey with Essentrics in 2010, taking classes at the Montreal Flagship studio with Miranda Esmonde-White while training as a national-level figure skater. He shortly began his certification under her supervision and has been teaching even since. His experience as a high-level athlete, his long-lasting relationship with Essentrics and his curiosity for movement have given him invaluable tools, allowing him to contribute to his students’ overall health and well-being.

Sasha earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts at Concordia University and worked in two notable contemporary art institutions in Paris, France. His growing interest in film and TV production brought him back to Montreal in 2017. He’s since directed and produced a live action short film as well as a music video all while continuing to teach.