Pre-Choreographed Workout 4: Toning the Full Body & Increasing Spine Mobility

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Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) are the workouts Certified Essentrics Instructors teach while completing the 4-level certification program. PCWs consist of pre-defined exercise sequences set to an eclectic music playlist based on a one-hour class structure. Each PCW has a specific theme while offering a full-body rebalancing workout. All PCWs include a video (streaming online) demonstrating how to teach the workout. The accompanying written content (online) covers detailed exercise breakdowns, teaching tips, target anatomy and more.

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Instructors in the Comprehensive track:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 1 Instructors and higher.

Instructors in the Aging Backwards® track:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 3 Instructors and higher.


With Essentrics Co-Founder Sahra Esmonde-White

This toning-focused workout improves spine flexibility to effectively tone the waist, flatten the abs and strengthen the entire body. The combination of challenging the muscles by going to the End of the Stretch and liberating the body with rotational movements leaves people feeling unlocked and strong.


  • Improve spine flexibility and mobility
  • Slenderize the waist and back
  • Tone the glutes and thighs

Demographic: Intermediate and advanced fitness levels
Pace: Medium, fast
Music: Available on iTunes & Spotify
Released: 2012

Workout Variations

  • 60 min Standing & Floor
  • 30 min Standing & Floor



  • Warm-Up
  • Trademark 1: Embrace a Ball for maximum mobility of spine, range of motion in arms & shoulders
  • Trademark 2: Washing Tables and Fluid Spine Sequence to tone the upper body, slenderize the waist, work range of motion of the spine, increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Arms with Lunges: Regular Arm Pumps and Lunge variations to improve posture, tone the arms, waist and legs. Very slenderizing and a cardio workout.
  • Pliés: Strengthens quads, knees, hamstrings, tones sides and abs. Arm reaches and deep scoops to shape the waist.
  • Trademark 3: Windmills with Arm Rotations to slenderize waist and strengthen the full back musculature – forwards and diagonal followed by big Arm Rotations through a deep Plié with Overextensions to work the pectorals.
  • Stretch Sequence: For the long and short muscles of the calf, with footwork to increase the flexibility of the ankle and improve balance. Hamstring and long adductor stretch. Works the core and hips.
  • Trademark 4: A deep strengthening sequence with half and full Single and Double Arm Circles with Rope Pulls, deep Lunges and Waist Rotations to strengthen the core, unlock tight shoulders and shape the sides.


  • Glute Exercises: On hands and knees with a variety of bent and extended leg pumps that will tone and lift the glutes. Finish with a back release.
  • Abs: Tones the obliques, works the hips – with Bicycles and Leg Lifts.
  • Side Leg Lifts: Slenderizes the outer legs, strengthens hips – with back Leg Pumps and Front Kicks.
  • Big 4 Stretch: To stretch the glutes and spine, relieve back and hip tension. Baby Stretch, Hip Blast and groin stretch. Pretzel Sequence targeting quads, psoas, adductor and the back.
  • Seated Stretch: For the calves, gluteus and lower back. Trapeze Spinal Rolls, Figure 8s, Windmills into hamstring and IT band stretches.


Sahra Esmonde-White
CEO and co-founder of Essentrics
Essentrics TV workout host

Sahra  Esmonde-White is co-founder and CEO of Essentrics and host of the Essentrics Workout Series created by Miranda Esmonde-White. She has produced over 300 fitness television shows, as well as the award-winning PBS docuseries, Aging Backwards®and Forever Painless—airing nationwide on PBS and American Public Television.

Named one of Canada’s top health experts by both Fashion Magazine and Flare, two of North America’s top women’s publications—her workout series has received several awards in Canada and the UK. Sahra works closely with celebrities such as Canadian actress Sarah Gadon, currently starring in the CBC/Netflix miniseries adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, and Olympians and professional athletes including the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. With a bachelor’s degree in economics and graduate studies in public health, Sahra has made it her life’s mission to help people lead healthy lives through intelligent fitness and a thoughtful lifestyle. Her most recent project involves reviving her grandmother’s gardens and apothecary.