Classical Stretch Season 14 - Posture Boost & Back Health

$ 49.95 CAD

Total Run time: 414 min. (3 discs)
Episodes: 18 (23 min. each)
Components: All standing, All standing + Barre, Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor
Level: All levels
Pace: Slow – medium
Language: English
*Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

Available in closed captioning (please note if you are located outside the U.S.A. & Canada closed captioning will not be available on the DVD)

This new season of Classical Stretch features 18 episodes designed to strengthen every muscle and joint in your body through gentle stretching exercises that mirror the constant body movements that we use in real life—reaching into a cupboard, picking something up off the floor, etc. The goal of these workouts is to improve back and spine health and help you achieve and maintain good posture—the signature of a healthy vibrant body. 

Each of Miranda’s 23-minute workouts will help to safely strengthen the hundreds of muscles required to hold the spine upright – opening space for all your organs to function comfortably in the space intended for them. Good posture not only provides an appearance of confidence and youth, but it also encourages healthy organ function – cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, and skeletal.  

Through full-body stretching and strengthening, these Essentrics workouts will loosen tight fascia and connective tissue, develop spine flexibility, and increase mobility in your back, knees, hips, glutes, legs, arms—a complete rebalancing of your entire body! In no time, you’ll achieve a boost in your posture and back health through enhanced body awareness, increased energy, improved range of motion, and proper foot and body alignment—one 23-min. session a day is all it takes to stay motivated and committed to keeping your spine straight and tall as you age.

Release date: 2021
Filmed at: Eastern townships of Quebec and Southern Ontario