Pre-Choreographed Workout 16: Unlocking Joint Range of Motion and Alignment for Enhanced Posture

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Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) are the workouts Certified Essentrics Instructors teach while completing the 4-level certification program. PCWs consist of pre-defined exercise sequences set to an eclectic music playlist based on a one-hour class structure. Each PCW has a specific theme while offering a full-body rebalancing workout. All PCWs include a video (streaming online) demonstrating how to teach the workout. The accompanying written content (online) covers detailed exercise breakdowns, teaching tips, target anatomy and more.

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Instructors in the Comprehensive entry point:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 1 Instructors and higher.
  • We recommend that you wait to teach the Barre/Chair component until you are a Certified Level 2 Instructor working on your Level 3.

Instructors in the Aging Backwards® entry point:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 3 Instructors and higher.


With Master Trainer Amanda Cyr

This workout is designed to help you understand how unlocking range of motion and working in clean alignment support good posture. With a focus on liberating the feet, ankles, hips and spine, this workout consists of gentle yet challenging exercises to dynamically activate your muscles and restore mobility in all your joints. You and your students will come away with improved posture that creates a healthy foundation for vibrant and pain-free daily living.


  • Unlock range of motion in all joints
  • Strengthen in clean alignment
  • Enhance good posture

Demographic: All fitness levels
Pace: Moderate
Music: Downloadable playlist included. Also available on iTunes and Spotify.
Released: 2024

Workout Variations

  • 60 min Standing & Floor
  • 60 min Standing, Floor & Barre/Chair
  • 45 min Standing & Barre/Chair
  • 45 min Standing & Floor
  • 30 min Standing



  • Warm-Up
  • Trademark 1: Upper Back & Spine Release: Rebalancing exercises to unlock the spine and reverse the effects of poor posture
  • Foot Strengthening & Ankle Pliability: Heel Raisers and foot isolation exercises to activate and strengthen in clean Alignment
  • Side-to-Side Lunges & Windmills: Strengthen and deeply stretch the Top 3 to enhance good posture
  • Kicks for Hip Stability & Mobility: Clock and Fan Kicks to build core stability and increase freedom of movement in the hips
  • Arm Toning with Bow and Arrow: Rebalance the upper back, chest & rotator cuff as well as hands, fingers & wrists
  • Pliés with Quad Stretch: Increase hip range of motion, strengthen the Big 4 and release tension in the quads & psoas
  • Calf Sequence: Rebalance the Big 4 while mobilizing and strengthening the toes, ankles, hips & knees. Includes Embrace a Ball exercise.
  • Trademark 2: Spine Range of Motion: Windmills and Push the Piano / Pull the Donkey for smooth and coordinated movement of the entire spine


  • Abs: Exercises to strengthen the core to support good posture
  • Side Leg Lifts: Strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip. Includes inner thigh toning and Slow Motion Bicycle.
  • Superman with Cat and Cow: Strengthen and stretch the back muscles and improve spine range of motion for easeful posture
  • Modified Pretzel: Offers modifications for accessing a quad & hip flexor stretch to release tension while increasing mobility in the hips & low back
  • Supine Stretches: Big 4 Stretches combined with drawing the Alphabet (footwork) and spinal twist for tension release
  • Row the Boat & Neck Release: For tension release and increased awareness of good posture


  • Heel Raisers: Strengthen the feet & ankles to provide a strong foundation for good posture
  • Hip & Hamstring Stretch: Enhance range of motion in the hips and rebalance the posterior muscle chain
  • Hip Flexor, IT Band & Adductor Stretch: Release tension, especially in areas tight from long periods of sitting
  • Spine Stretches: Decompress the spine while building strength in motion
  • Seated Hip Stretch: Final release for the hips & low back, sitting on a chair


Amanda Cyr
Essentrics Master Trainer
Essentrics TV workout host

Amanda Cyr began teaching Essentrics in 2013 and joined the Teacher Training department at the Essentrics Head Office in 2015, where her role is focused on expanding and developing the Essentrics program. She works closely with Miranda Esmonde-White and the instructor community by hosting retreats, workshops and live teacher trainings worldwide. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University and draws on her fascination with the human body and its design to help guide her work.

In her aim to continually expand her knowledge of the body’s natural healing systems, Amanda is also a certified yoga teacher and a Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner. By sharing the Essentrics technique, Amanda is devoted to redefining the true meaning of fitness and helping people experience what it feels like to be healthy and happy in their bodies.