Pre-Choreographed Workout 15: Rejuvenating & Strengthening Connective Tissue

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Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) are the workouts Certified Essentrics Instructors teach while completing the 4-level certification program. PCWs consist of pre-defined exercise sequences set to an eclectic music playlist based on a one-hour class structure. Each PCW has a specific theme while offering a full-body rebalancing workout. All PCWs include a video (streaming online) demonstrating how to teach the workout. The accompanying written content (online) covers detailed exercise breakdowns, teaching tips, target anatomy and more.

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A stable internet connection is required to access this online-only product. We recommend viewing the PCW on a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience.

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Instructors in the Comprehensive entry point:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 1 Instructors and higher.
  • We recommend that you wait to teach the Barre/Chair component until you are a Certified Level 2 Instructor working on your Level 3.

Instructors in the Aging Backwards® entry point:

  • This PCW is recommended for Certified Level 3 Instructors and higher.


With Essentrics Creator Miranda Esmonde-White

This workout is designed to rebalance the connective tissue network that surrounds the entire body from head to toe. Learn from Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White how to teach both familiar and new exercises for healthy connective tissue that is hydrated and resilient—allowing you and your students to unlock greater range of motion and access untapped strength.

Throughout the workout, Miranda explains the power of gentle connective tissue exercises for transforming our health, bringing you cutting-edge knowledge to incorporate into your teaching and enrich your classes.


  • Loosen and hydrate fascia
  • Restore connective tissue strength and function
  • Unlock greater range of motion

Demographic: All fitness levels
Pace: Slow to moderate
Music: Downloadable playlist included. Also available on iTunes and Spotify.
Released: 2023

Workout Variations

  • 60 min Standing & Floor
  • 60 min Standing, Floor & Barre/Chair
  • 45 min Standing & Barre/Chair
  • 45 min Standing & Floor
  • 30 min Standing



  • Warm-Up
  • Trademark 1: Zombie and Embrace a Ball with Deep Breathing to loosen fascia and increase pliability of spinal ligaments
  • Footwork: Exercises to hydrate fascia and rebuild crimp
  • Pliés: Focus on Alignment and strengthening the ligaments in the lower body
  • Kicks: Front Kicks, Side Kicks and Rotations to increase freedom of movement through the hips and spine
  • Arms, Fingers & Hands: Exercises to improve ligament pliability and liberate fascia for ease of movement
  • Bicycle, Squash Lunges & Fan Kicks: Balance exercises to improve hip range of motion and release tension
  • Side-to-Side Lunges & Spinal Rotation: Stretching and strengthening exercises working muscle and connective tissue chains through the full body
  • Trademark 2: Gentle sways to loosen connective tissue, release tension and improve posture


  • Feet & Ankles: Exercises to remodel crimp in the ligaments while improving pliability
  • Calf & Quad Stretch: Stretches to increase hip flexibility and lubricate congealed fascia
  • Hip Stretch: Sequence to loosen connective tissue in the ankle, knee, and hip joints for greater range of motion
  • Long Adductor, IT Band & Hamstring Stretch: Pliability exercises for the IT band and deep hamstring stretches to remodel connective tissue chains in the legs and back


  • Butterfly & Hip Blast: PNF sequence for loosening congealed fascia to release tension in the hips and back and restore mobility
  • Side Leg Lifts: Rotations, Circles, and Front Kicks to strengthen the hips while increasing range of motion
  • Abs & Superman: Sit-Ups with Arm Reaches and Flutters for core strength. Superman to strengthen the upper back. Sequence designed to remodel the crimp in the ligaments and tendons of the spine.
  • Seated Hip Stretch: For releasing tension in the hips and working connective tissue chains through the spine
  • Pretzel: Stretches for the quads, psoas and back to increase hip and knee mobility and improve ligament pliability
  • Row the Boat: Includes Side Stretches and Washes to hydrate the fascia surrounding the spine while releasing tension in the hamstrings
  • Cooldown: Standing Sways, Zombies and Spinal Rolls to relax the full body


Miranda Esmonde-White
Creator, president and co-founder of Essentrics
Essentrics TV workout host

Miranda Esmonde-White is a New York Times bestselling author of the Aging Backwards series, a world-renowned healthy aging educator and pioneer in the field of stretching. A former professional ballerina, Miranda created the globally-recognized and science-based fitness technique, Essentrics® in 1997—becoming a flexibility trainer to numerous high-performance athletes and celebrities. She is the executive producer, creator and host of the 20-year running fitness television show Classical Stretch, and the award-winning docuseries, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless—airing nationwide on PBS and American Public Television.

With a worldwide following amongst the 50+ market – Miranda’s fast track program is revolutionizing the way we understand the role that our cells, muscles, bones, connective tissue and joints play in slowing down the aging process while keeping our bodies feeling young, healthy and pain-free.

Based in Montreal, Miranda spends her time developing the technique, writing, and training new instructors. She also travels extensively giving lectures, leading teacher training sessions and hosting retreats.