Classical Stretch: DVD Bundle

Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement

Total run time: 4140min. (6 discs)  180 workouts (23min. each)  
Episodes per season: 30 (23min. each) 
Components: Standing, Floor, and Barre
Level: All levels
Pace: All paces
Language: English

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Enjoy this exclusive gift bundle with our most popular seasons of the Classical Stretch TV series! 

This DVD Bundle includes the following: 
DVD 1: Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards (30 x 23min. workouts)
Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards uses simple science to help viewers take control of their aging process by moving every muscle in all directions, with a balance of mobility and strength. These gentle and dynamic exercises are safe, while challenging, for every level of fitness.   
DVD 2: Classical Stretch Season 11: Full Body Mobility (30 x 23min. workouts)
Classical Stretch - Full Body Mobility offers safe and gentle workouts that unlock and rebalance tight muscles, liberate joints and ensure long-term body health. This mobility series is aimed at keeping you feeling young, pain-free and fully mobile no matter what your age.  
DVD 3: Classical Stretch Season 10:  Strength and Flexibility (30 x 23min. workouts)
In this series of Classical Stretch, a focus is placed on simultaneously strengthening and increasing flexibility to give you strong and lean muscles, as well as improved balance and mobility.  
DVD 4: Classical Stretch Season 9: Weight Loss and Pain Relief (30 x 23min. workouts)
Classical Stretch Season 9 offers a combination of workouts that will help to both relieve pain and stiffness, and tone and strengthen your body.   
DVD 5: Classical Stretch Season 8: The Age Defying Series  (30 x 23min. workouts)
Classical Stretch - Age Defying Series offers full body workouts that unlock and rebalance tight muscles, liberate joints and ensure long-term body health.  
DVD 6: Classical Stretch Season 7 - The Health Series
The Strengthening workouts will also tone your muscles, help with weight-loss, improve your posture, and help to reverse and prevent osteoporosis. The Flexibility/Mobility workouts will help with pain-relief, arthritis, healing, stress relief, back pain, surgery recovery, rehabilitation, and fibromyalgia.